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Aim & Objectives

The objectives for establishing the Association:
  1. To advance the knowledge and practice of cardiology in Malaysia
  2. To promote research in cardiology
  3. To promote regional and international co-operation in cardiology
  4. To receive and publish literature and scientific works in cardiology
  5. To organize clinical meetings, seminars, conventions, including all acts and things incidental or subsidiary pertaining to the objectives of the Association
  6. To borrow and raise money and to invest any monies of the Association not immediately required for any of its objectives, in a manner seen fit by the Association from time to time
  7. To serve as the media / public representative in relation to educating and directing public opinion on issues relating to cardiology and its affects on community at large
  8. To work closely with other societies fostering similar objectives as the Association

Member Benefits

1) The privilege of membership is the entitlement to participate in all the activities arranged or organized by the Council or Association

2) FREE Society's publications

3) Exclusive Member Access on MHRStv platform - watch unlimited programmes featured on MHRStv

4) Preferrential rates for courses / workshops organised by the Association


Ordinary Member
Ordinary membership shall be open to every medical practitioner who is fully registered in the Register kept by the Registrar of Medical Practitioners and those terms shall have the meaning assigned to them by the Medical Registration Ordinance currently in force and who are practicing cardiology or are interested in cardiology.

Life Member
Life Membership of the Association shall be open to medical practitioners after having been an Ordinary Member of the Association for 2 years.

Affiliate Member
Affiliate Membership shall be open to medical practitioners who are Non-Malaysian citizen that are practising cardiology locally or are interested in cardiology. Affiliate members are not eligible to vote or hold office in the Association.

Associate Member
Associate Membership shall be open to para-medical personnel and scientific workers other than medical practitioners in fields related to cardiology.

Fellow of NHAM (FNHAM)
Fellowship shall be conferred upon an Ordinary member who have applied to the credentialing committee and met the criteria set by the committee.

Termination of Membership
Termination of membership shall take place by allowing the annual subscription to fall in arrears for two years.



  1. Click to download the Member Application form in PDF - complete the form
  2. Remit payment as per above instructions
  3. Email the completed form to secretariat, together with your simplified CV and payment copy for your application to be reviewed and processed at NHAM Council Meeting. Only "complete" application will be brought forward for review and approval
  4. Once membership is approved by the Council - you will begin receiving "Members News and Updates" - our weekly members emails from NHAM. Please ensure that you add our email to "safe senders list" to avoid email sent to junk/spam/deleted folder
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