28th Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress 2024 (in conjunction with 15th Annual Emirates Cardiac Society Congress)

Welcome to APSC-ECS 2024

Get ready to mark your calendars for "APSC-ESC2024" - the paramount event that unites The 15th Emirates Cardiology Society Annual Congress (ECSC 2024) and 28th The Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress (APSC 2024). This international forum is meticulously designed to provide cardiologists worldwide with a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and empower each other while advancing global cardiology.

Our unwavering commitment lies in spearheading progress in cardiac care, education, research, and public health. This vision is brought to life through the collaborative efforts of our two esteemed societies, shaping the future of cardiac care.

What sets us apart is our ability to assemble some of the world's leading experts from both regions. Together, we will tackle the current challenges in cardiology, brainstorm cutting-edge solutions, and share best practices to drive superior patient outcomes.

With pre-conference workshops developed around enriching topics, we promise a tailor-made experience for our diverse audience. Moreover, all accepted abstracts will be published in the prestigious "JAPSC" - Journal of the Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology.

At the heart of our mission is the goal to alleviate suffering from heart disease. We aim to achieve this by providing access to the latest knowledge and advancements throughout the region and fostering collaborations that can fuel greater progress.

We envision a future where top-notch cardiac care is available to all, where individuals have better access to life-saving treatments, and healthier lives are not just a dream but a reality.

Join us on this transformative journey at "APSC-ECS 2024"!

Conference website: https://www.apsc-ecs2024.com/

Showcase Your Research on an International Platform

Welcome to the exciting 'Call for Abstracts' section! We are eager to receive a plethora of submissions spanning across diverse topics within cardiology. This will ensure a rich, varied, and thought-provoking program that promises to stimulate minds and inspire hearts.

The gateway to abstract submission and congress registration for APSC-ECS 2024 is now open, calling upon all pioneers in cardiology. Whether you're a researcher, clinician, or professional, we're inviting you to bring your groundbreaking work to the forefront.

All accepted abstracts will be published in the prestigious "JAPSC" - Journal of the Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology. Seize this incredible opportunity to share your expertise, innovative findings, and avant-garde approaches with an international audience.

Your submission could act as a catalyst, stimulating engaging discussions, igniting new avenues of research, or even reshaping the current practices in cardiovascular health.

Submit your abstract today and let your ideas shine! Don't let this chance slip away – contribute to the cutting-edge discourse at APSC-ECS 2024.

Click here: https://events.mme-conferences.com/apsc24/call-for-abstract

Travel Grants

Don't miss out on the APSC-ECS 2024 Travel Grant, now open for applications!

This grant program is part of our commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity, aimed at enabling all interested delegates to attend APSC-ECS 2024, regardless of financial constraints.

What is covered ?

The grant covers your registration fee for APSC-ECS 2024 and also provides a stipend of $1000 to help with travel and accommodation costs.

Reimbursements will be processed on the final day of the congress, contingent upon the timely submission of necessary documentation.

What is the deadline?

The deadline for applications is March 20, 2024. We will notify the top 10 grant recipients around April 2024.

Upon receiving their acceptance notification, recipients are urged to promptly arrange their travel and accommodation plans.

Who can apply?

Healthcare professionals from across the globe are encouraged to apply. However, special consideration will be given to those who are presenting an approved abstract at APSC-ECS 2024, are aged 40 years or younger, or have had multiple publications indexed within the last five years.

What about travel plans?

Please be aware that securing visas, study leave, or any other administrative tasks are the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Additionally, a recommendation letter from the applicant's program director is a vital part of the application process.

Click here: https://events.mme-conferences.com/apsc24/travel-grant/Site/Register