Malaysia ECG Summit 2021 (MECGS)


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Having trouble trying to interpret ECGs? Unable to understand the Holter? The stress test ECG giving funny rhythms? Or want to know more about the basic interpretation of ECG?
Register now for the first virtual Malaysia ECG Summit, happening on 28 August 2021, 8:00AM - 5:45PM. Relevant ECG topics and case discussions that will be delivered to you by consultant electrophysiologists and cardiologists, with the most complex topics made easy just for you.
Suitable for juniors doctors, cardiovascular technicians, nurses, general practitioners, emergency physicians, internal medicine physicians, internal medicine fellows/master students, cardiology fellows and even medical students!
Registration Fee:
RM 150.00/person - Early Bird Rate BEFORE 13th June 2021
RM 300.00/person - Late Registration AFTER 13th June 2021
Open to all Members (NHAM / MHRS) AND Non-Members