Annual Report of the NCVD-ACS Registry Year 2018 - 2019



The 2018–2019 Report of the National Cardiovascular Disease – Acute Coronary Syndrome (NCVD-ACS) Registry is the 7th Report since its inception in 2006. Over the last 15 years, we gained great insight into ACS inbMalaysia – from the patient profiles to clinical presentations, clinical management and prognosis.

During this time, we have also seen the evolution of diagnostic and treatments, with improvements in access to hospitals managing patients with ACS and the manner by which medical education on improving ACS cases is shared. The NCVD-ACS has been very much a part of this journey – generating data, valuable clinical information and peer-reviewed publications, such that patients with ACS in Malaysia are experiencing improved clinical outcomes. Data from the NCVD ACS Registries is now incorporated into the National Clinical Practice Guidelines, making them more relevant to the local clinical setting.

This Report is the result of immense work from across Malaysia, from all the contributing source data providers (SDPs) – sites from both public and private sectors – under a voluntary reporting process. From that commitment, our team in the Heart House, and the Writing Committee led by Prof Dr Wan Azman Wan Ahmad, were able to generate this valuable Report. I would like to thank him and all those who contributed time and energy, beyond their clinical duties, to put these chapters together. This Report is the fruit of a truly National effort, befitting its title, which in itself will be a valuable resource for healthcare providers, policy
makers and other stakeholders.

I acknowledge the efforts from the previous NCVD Governance Board and Steering Committee of the NCVD ACS Registry, who provided the leadership, including during this pandemic. On behalf of the newly appointed NCVD Governance Board, I would like to congratulate A/Prof Ahmad Syadi Mahmood Zuhdi on his appointment and that of the new Steering Committee, who I am sure will elevate this Registry to even greater

We also thank the Ministry of Health Malaysia, who provided invaluable support and resources, together with the National Heart Association of Malaysia, to sustain this Registry. As one of the oldest and largest Registries for ACS in Asia, our Registry will play a greater role beyond our borders. The NCVD-ACS Registry continues the legacy of its pioneering team, whom I am sure will be very proud of this 7th Report.

Thank you.

Dr. Alan Fong Yean Yip
Chairman, NCVD Governance Board


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