Annual Report of the NCVD-ACS Registry 2009 & 2010

Foreword from the Chairman & Co-Chairman of the NCVD-ACS Registry:

This report will present findings from data collected in the year 2009 and 2010, and we compared these with the findings from previous years. Over this period, the number of hospitals involved in the registry has increased and we now have 16 hospitals. However there is still no involvement yet from the private hospitals. The continuing challenge appears to be to sustain the number of data entries from each participating hospital. In some centers, the numbers have increased, whilst in others it has actually decreased. Part of the reason is due to lack of manpower in participating centers to key-in data. The number of follow-up is also decreasing.

It cannot be overstated that such a database is very important for any nation particularly that pertaining to coronary artery disease. As it is, the picture beginning to emerge appears rather alarming. Apart from the fact that is still the number one killer in our country, it appears to affect an even younger proportion of our population. More worrying is that the number of women having this disease is also on the rise. However, it may be just a presumption. Therefore, it is hoped that this registry will give us a better idea of the groups most at risk and also the pattern of disease. This will enable us to plan the necessary steps to mitigate its impact on our society. The National Heart Association of Malaysia (NHAM) is fully aware of this registry’s importance and continues to fund the ACS registry.

The WHO and United Nations has already recognized this problem and has undertaken several initiatives for various countries to adopt in combating this disease. However, the cornerstone of any strategy is still data. For coronary artery disease, this (ACS registry) together with the PCI registry forms the backbone of our information. Last year, we have improved on the data entry forms and have appointed study coordinators in various centres. We hope that this will improve the quality and amount of information submitted to the database. However commitment and participation are the two main ingredients of a successful registry.

On behalf of the NCVD-ACS committee, we are grateful to many people in making this registry a reality. Not least the Ministry of Health, the participating centers, the doctors, nurses and paramedics involved in data collection, entry and the writing committees for their tireless efforts. It is hoped that in future, more centres, and the number of individuals involved in this project including the writing committee members, will come forward. Our ambition is to one day submit our registry and be accepted in a peer reviewed journal. We congratulate everyone involved for their excellent work and hope that we can continue to do this over the coming years.

Thank you.

Datuk Prof Dr Azhari Rosman                                                       Datuk Dr Jeyaindran Tan Sri Sinnadurai
Chairman                                                                                           Co-Chairman
NCVD-ACS Registry                                                                         NCVD-ACS Registry
National Heart Association of Malaysia

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