3rd Echo for Beginner Course

UPDATE: CORRESPONDENCE FROM 30th OCTOBER 2017 ONWARDS - Please direct to Hamdan (013-747 3424 / hdnecho@yahoo.com) or Amie (012-538 4781 / amieaedrus@yahoo.com)



Participation is strictly for PARA-MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Cardiac Nurse, Assistant Medical Officer, Medical Assistant, Cardiac Technicians etc. There will be no intake of doctors.



Payment for this course will be via JomPAY. If you require information on other payment methods available (cheque / LPO) please contact secretariat at +603 7931 7900.


How to make payment via JomPAY?

  1. Log on to your preferred internet or mobile banking
  2. Click on Bill Payment - look for "JomPAY" logo
  3. Insert Ref-1 and Ref-2 as above in the appropriate field.
  4. Save copy of payment as payment proof, provide to secretariat via email (secretariat@malaysianheart.org)


Information below are required for registration:

  1. Full name as per NRIC
  2. NRIC
  3. Contact number (mobile)
  4. Email address
  5. Current designation (eg. Asst. Medical Officer, CVT, Nurse...)
  6. Current employment (Hospital)
  7. Member / Non Member
  8. Vegetarian / Non Vegetarian (meal will be prepared based on your preference)


Download brochure/flyer below: