In the run-up to MHRS Summit 2019 that will be held on the 16th to 17th November 2019, we will be putting up a series of ECGs.

Have a look at them, read through them, decipher and discuss them with your colleagues. Thereafter, block your date on 16th and 17th November and join us in the MHRS Summit 2019, together we will untangle the lines of ECGs!


ECG Week 8: Finale


ECG Week 7

QUESTION for ECG 7: What does the ECG show?

A) Atrial tachycardia with intermittent aberrancy

B) Interpolated PVCs

C) Intermittent preexcitation

D) Motion artifacts

E) Sinus tachycardia with intermittent aberrant conduction


ECG Week 6

QUESTION for ECG 6: What does the ECG show?

A) Idioventricular rhythm

B) Premature ventricular complex

C) Ventricular tachycardia

D) Abberantly conducted PACs

E) None of the above


ECG Week 5

QUESTION for ECG 5: What does the ECG show?

A) Left bundle branch block

B) Atrial fibrillation

C) Prolonged PR interval

D) Complete heart block

E) None of the above


ECG Week 4

QUESTION for ECG 4: What would be your subsequent management for this young gentleman?

1. Echocardiogram as an outpatient

2. Start dual antiplatelets and LMWH and order an inpatient coronary angiogram

3. Serum biochemistry and correcting electrolytes

4. Assurance and send him home with a 24hrs HOLTER monitor

5. Cardiac MRI and plan for a defibrillator implant


ECG Week 3

QUESTION for ECG 3: What would you do for this patient?

1. Insert a temporary pacemaker

2. Administer IV atropine

3. Hydrate the patient

4. Watchful observation

5. Initiate thrombolysis / primary PCI


ECG Week 2


QUESTION for ECG 2: What does the ECG show?

1. SVT with aberrancy

2. Ventricular tachycardia

3. New onset LBBB

4. Anterior MI

5. None of the above



ECG Week 1


QUESTION for ECG 1: What does the ECG show?

1. Wenkenbach with group beating

2. PAC with aberrant conduction & occasional paced rhythm

3. PVC with retrograde P waves

4. Junctional escape with aberrant conduction & retrograde P waves

5. None of the above




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